More Tips in Eliminating Bad Breath

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May 25, 2019
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May 25, 2019

If you have read my previous blog post, I listed tips in eliminating bad breath. You can catch up by clicking here.

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But there’s no need to worry because in this post, I will still share tips on how to effectively eliminate bad breath. Here are 6 more tips to keep your breath fresh:

1. Floss daily on a basis.

Flossing greatly helps what an ordinary toothbrush can’t reach. It removes food debris that is stuck in between your teeth. If food debris will not be removed, bacteria will develop and it will eventually be the cause of the dreaded bad breath.

2. Stop smoking and refrain from using tobacco products.

If you needed one reason to quit smoking, here it is. Smoking makes your breath stink. Tobacco provides dries your mouth, and it can leave a bad odor that stays even if you brush your teeth constantly.

So, quit smoking for the very simple that it is partly responsible for causing bad breath. It helps in the rapid multiplication of odor-causing bacteria. No one would like to smell that cigarette breath especially when you are in an important client meeting.

3. Drink lots of water!

Another factor that causes bad breath? A dry mouth. Even if you are brushing your teeth and flossing multiple times in a day, your breath will still stink because of having a dry mouth. In order to avoid this, drink alkaline water. 6 to 8 glasses will be enough to fight the bacteria that cause bad breath.

Acid helps in the growth of bacteria so keep your drinking water alkaline. If possible, drinking spring water also helps in effectively washing away bacteria. There are also cases when a person experiences chronic dry mouth. When this happens, it is recommended to talk to a dentist and ask for a saliva substitute.

4. Candy or chewing gum helps too.

Before I go further and explain this item, please note that THE CANDY OR GUM HAS TO BE SUGARLESS. Eating a SUGARLESS gum helps in vitalizing saliva flow. The saliva it produces will aid in washing out the food particles and bacteria. If you find yourself constantly having a dry mouth, it’s best to carry with you sugarless candies.

5. Snack on an apple.

Instead of going for crispy potato chip, why not eat healthy? Choose to eat a stick of celery or an apple. Fresh fruits will really help in getting rid of the bacteria that leads to bad breath. These healthy snacks can eliminate bad breath that is mainly caused by a hungry stomach.

6. Don’t skip any meals.

Yes, an empty stomach also contributes to having a bad breath. When your stomach is empty, it produces acids that will eventually build up and cause bad breath. So, if you find yourself craving for a snack, choose healthy alternatives that contain no sugar and any acidic substances. Bacteria breeds faster when there’s sugar and acid.

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